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In Praise Of Event Sourcing

A few days ago, at Brussels station, Milan and I engaged in an exciting discussion about interpreting the question: "What are the benefits of a given solution?" During the conversation, I contended that the answer should only include the benefits directly arising from utilizing that particular solution. In my opinion, the question was equivalent to asking: "Why should I adopt that solution?" On the contrary, Milan argued that all the positive aspects resulting from the solution, even those indirectly related to the solution itself but stemming from the prerequisites it entails, should be listed as benefits. We were so engrossed in grappling with this little dilemma that I nearly missed my train. This entire discourse originated from a question we received the day before at Voxxed Days Brussels: "What are the benefits of event sourcing?" To provide an answer to this question, we must first clarify what we mean by event sourcing. Over the years, I've ob

A name for an idea: Dynamic Consistency Boundary

Sometimes the best way to promote your idea is to give it a proper name. That's what some weeks ago, @nicolaibaaring suggested I do. Interesting concept. 😃 I have had a lot of these thoughts myself. I feel this concept should have a name of its own to make it easier to communicate and define. Maybe something was mentioned in the talk that I didn't get. Do you have anything in mind? 🤔 — Nicolai Baaring (@nicolaibaaring) April 8, 2023 After some time needed to find the best name for the concept, here we are, finally, talking about Dynamic Consistency Boundary! - thank @RobertBaelde , for your suggestion - Maybe something in the direction of multi-stream event sourcing? Or dynamic consistency boundaries? Also get a sense of event sourced transaction script with this concept, but that might not be the direction you want to go in — Robert Baelde (@RobertBaelde) April 9, 2023 I want to use this blog post to summarize, in easy terms, what Dynamic Consistency